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king's rifle The King's Rifle by Biyi Bandele

Biyi Bandele, regarded as one of Africa’s great writers, has written a novel about the Chindits, a band of fierce soldiers who fought in Burma during World War II. His novel brings home the truth that World War II was not only a true global war, but also a never-ending source of stories. The author introduces us to Ali Banana, barely an adolescent, with all the innocent foibles attached to that age. He also gives us an amazing glimpse at the British officer, known here as Major Wingate, who  led these forces, first in Abyssinia, Ethiopia to us, and then in Burma. From the first curses with African sentiments to the heart wrenching ending, the author engages the reader to care about the characters. Their endearing nicknames so typical of the “greatest generation”, their courage, and their fraternal loyalty make this an outstanding novel, moving the reader from laughter to gasps to tears.

8 in the box by Raffi Yessayan
Recommended by Laurie, Fiction Reader's Advisor
Author Raffi Yessayan’s name isn’t as easy to remember as “Robert B. Parker”, but he was recently named by The Boston Globe as one of the up-and-coming authors likely to win a place in the hearts of readers missing Parker’s mystery 
series starring Spenser, the Boston private investigator. 8 in the Box introduces homicide detective Angel Alves.


Honolulu by Alan Brennert
An intelligent, headstrong Korean girl (named “Regret” for her parents’ disappointment that she was not born a boy) secretly learns to read and then submits a glamour shot of herself to a matchmaker in the hope of continuing in America the education she is denied at home. When she reaches Hawaii to marry the man who had selected her from her photograph, the education she receives isn’t what she had hoped for.






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