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Brockton Public Library has a strong tradition as a cornerstone of art in the City of Brockton. In 1903, Leander A. Churbuck suggested that if a library was to be built, it should contain an art gallery. He communicated with Francis Davis Millet, then Secretary of The American Federation of Arts at Washington, D.C.,  to request additional funds from the Carnegie Foundation to include an art gallery in the new library. Mr. Millet assured him he would do all he could to acquire the increased appropriation. Horace Richmond, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Library, Mr. Churbuck, and Frank Whitmore personally met with members of the Carnegie Foundation and consequently secured an additional $35,000.

During the intervening years, Brockton Public Library sponsored a very active program and acquired a museum-worthy art collection, starting with the Walter Copeland Bryant bequest. The library owns works by Thomas Dewing, John Twatchman, Thomas Eakins, Childe Hassam, William Rimmer, Louis Kronberg, J.J. Enneking, Arthur Godwin, William Merrit Chase, and Jan David de Heem to name a few.

In 2020, the Library Board of Trustees established a fund to purchase contemporary art from regional artists. Since 2020, the library has purchased five paintings and has commissioned three paintings and two mosaic sculptures. Additionally, the library hosts two Brockton Public Schools student exhibits and one Brockton Public Schools Art faculty exhibit annually.

The Brockton Public Library also partners with Brockton Arts Inc., a Brockton-based organization of artists, designers, and curators whose mission is to promote art and culture in the Brockton area. Brockton Arts curates various meeting rooms and wall space in the Thomas P Kennedy Main Branch of the Brockton Public Library.

Here we have brought you a digital representation of Brockton Public Library's Collection, ever growing, ever changing; classical and contemporary art side by side. Enjoy on-line or in person. 

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Cloudy Day North Sea, Melbourne H. Hardwick, (1857-1916), Gifted By: Brockton's Women's Club

Cloudy Day North Sea

Melbourne H. Hardwick, (1857-1916) Gifted By: Brockton's Women's Club

City Point, Arthur C. Goodwin, (1864-1929)

City Point

Arthur C. Goodwin, (1864-1929)

After The Rain, Kenyon Cox, 1856-1919

After The Rain

Kenyon Cox, 1856-1919

Rock Stream and Trees, John Henry Twachtman, (1853 – 1902) Loc: Trustee Room Photo: Rich Morgan

Rock Stream and Trees

John Henry Twachtman

(1853 – 1902) 

Seascape, Charles E. L. Green  (1844-1915)Location: Trustee Room Photo: Rich Morgan, 2019


Charles E. L. Green 


Pezance, Charles E.L. Green,


(Beach of Pezance Cornwall) 

Charles E. L. Green 


Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr., Hilton Parham, (1930-) Created 2008 Gifted by: Jeanne Martins

Portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr.

 Hilton Parham, (1930-) 

Gifted by: Jeanne Martins 

Portrait of W. L. Douglas, Arthur M. Hazard, (1872-1930) Location: Lobby 2nd Floor Photo Rich Morgan

Portrait of W. L. Douglas

Arthur M. Hazard (1872-1930)

Our Flag was Still There, Kwang Sung Shin,  (1983-) Created 2001 Gifted By: So-Hee Shin

Our Flag was Still There

Kwang Sung Shin, (1983-) 

Gifted By: So-Hee Shin

Clarence Calkins, Boot and Shoe Manufactury. North Bridgewater, Mass. Photographer: J Worthing

Clarence Calkins

Boot and Shoe Manufactory 

North Bridgewater, Mass. Photographer: J Worthing

Spring Appalachian Path, Kwang Sung Shin

Spring Appalachian Path

 Kwang Sung Shin, 2001 

Gifted By: So-Hee Shin 

Portait of Mayor Ziba Keith Artist: Unknown, Potentially between 1882-1893

Portrait of Mayor Ziba Keith 

Artist Unknown

Created between 1882-1893